In his own words #3

So, this is Tony Pianco, in an email to the owner of this website (I am, by the way, a very real person) about the “breastfeeding” info on this website:

  • Do private modelling sessions with “kisses, hugs and breastfeeding

“Don’t know anything about kisses but i think it is to do with Breastfeeding as I had a request for another stag group where the Stag’s friend asked if any model would mind playing the mother character as the Stag only had a Father left and was always missing the female/maternal touch since childhood. Again I had to ask a few models, maybe 3 or 4, [NAME REDACTED: a well-known and widely respected life model] was one of them.”

In other words, he doesn’t deny it. He admits it’s true, but seeks to justify it.

Nope. Not a service a life model should ever be asked to provide. There are people who do this sort of thing. They charge a lot more, as they rightly should. Life models don’t offer this.